Being born, raised and educated in the Greater Toronto Area, I have an intimate appreciation and understanding of the nuances and diversity that touch each of its unique pockets and neighbourhoods. 

    I studied business strategy and accounting at the Schulich School of Business and then pursued an Accounting designation. Life as an Accountant was good, and my career had taken off, yet I kept feeling as if something was missing.  I wanted to be able to directly touch and positively impact peoples lives on a daily basis in a way that the corporate audit function, which I was managing at the time, didn't necessarily allow for.  In 2013, I decided that the time was right to make an industry leap to real estate to personally assist others in realizing their real estate goals and to satisfy the real estate geek that was burning within me.

    What is a Real Estate Geek you ask?  I've defined it as such for those of you wondering:

    Real Estate Geek [ɡiːk] n. a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Real Estate – v. to love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to have an intense passion for; to express interest in; to possess a large amount of knowledge in; to promote.

    My core strengths have always been understanding the needs of others and building strong, lasting relationships. These core strengths, combined with the technical and analytical skills one gains as an Accountant, have allowed me to help my clients in ways that separate me from most other Realtors.

    Also, having played competitive soccer for many years, I've learned from a young age that winning is a result of trust, drive, hard work, collaboration, and coaching.  These traits and characteristics are embedded in my business and I coach my clients through the buying, selling or investing process, turning what could be a frightful and overwhelming experience into an exciting and enjoyable one.  

    My commitment to my clients and my business can be summarized by three words that I live and breathe daily:

    Passion, Dedication, Expertise.

    Michael Deak, CPA

    Real Estate Broker

    Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage

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